10 Grounds I Don’t Day Jamaican Guys

10 Grounds I Don’t Day Jamaican Guys

Disclaimer :”This is actually for entertainment reasons . Any resemblance to real individuals shows that i will be right.

In the event that you can’t handle heat stay out of your kitchen.

The term day cannot can be found into the language on most Jamaican males, and then the level whenever it requires a bed. They constantly wish to be asked more than for “breakfast, your meal” and so they don’t suggest foods . The idea of just truly dating is actually missing to them .When a Jamaican guy draws near a woman, the words that come from their lips often insinuate gender,sex and more sex

JM: mi woulda like fi “know” you

JM: you appear great mi woulda including fi sample that or

JM: it is possible to wine, a wonda if an and that means you wine pon it

…need we state much more