Another Han Hyo Joo film, plus one this is certainly certain to pull at the heartstrings

Another Han Hyo Joo film, plus one this is certainly certain to pull at the heartstrings

“Always” is actually a movie I can observe over and over again without getting fed up with they. Han Hyo Joo takes on Jung Hwa, a bright and simple lady who is blind. Very Ji Sub takes on Chul minute, a former boxer with lots of baggage. The 2 autumn quickly obsessed about both as well as have a whirlwind love. If you’d prefer enjoying movies where bad son turns into a pile of mush over a female, then this film is definitely the one to view!

10. The Claic (2003)

“The Claic” is a coming-of-age earliest appreciate tale starring daughter Ye Jin, Cho Seung Woo, and Jo In Sung. This appreciation facts comes after the diary of Son Ye Jin’s mom when you look at the motion picture, which happens to coincide along with her own like facts as she drops deeply in love with Sang minute, played by Jo In Sung. Child Ye Jin’s friend additionally develops a crush on Sang Min, and even though Boy Ye Jin believes that Sang Min does not have any thoughts for her, fate constantly brings all of them together.

11. Significantly More Than Azure (2009)

The literal translation for this flick name try, “a tale that will be sadder than sadne,” therefore is really. This flick featuring Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Bo Young leaves your heartbroken. Chul Kyu (Kwon Sang Woo) is during prefer with lotion (Lee Bo younger), and although he could be obsessed about her, the guy will not tell the girl mainly because of a deep information that he is covering. Kwon Sang Woo can be so swoon-worthy inside movie while he shows countle steps towards solution that demonstrate just what true meaning of like actually is.

12. Pained (2011)

Another intimate Kwon Sang Woo motion picture for your listing. Inside movie, he takes on Nam quickly, some guy who is not able to feel problems. 1 day, he satisfies a lady called Dong Hyun, played by Jung Ryeo Won, who’s their complete opposite.