How to Put Limitations When Co Parenting Having Good Narcissist

How to Put Limitations When Co Parenting Having Good Narcissist

How to Put Borders Whenever Co Parenting Having Good Narcissist

One of the reasons your own matrimony concluded within the divorce case is actually since living with a beneficial narcissist simply was not worthwhile more.

You expected you to definitely by getting divorced your daily life will be infinitely finest. Might do your strive to beat the fresh PTSD and you can lower mind-admiration and you can anxiety and you can whatever else you had been battling with inside your matrimony and you can one thing might possibly be healthier and young kids.

However when you are looking at co child-rearing together with your old boyfriend, the latest torture you experience is equivalent to (or tough than simply) it was once you was indeed hitched.

You picked co parenting to suit your people given that “experts” render it the way to mother or father post-split up. Your adopted their guidance that the the answer to becoming successful was to put limits whenever co child-rearing. Better, you tried and you may tried to expose limitations while making co parenting that have a beneficial narcissist functions, however, every day life is nevertheless an income heck as soon as you get in touch with your ex.

The latest crux of one’s problem is that co parenting which have a narcissist can not work any better than simply relationships which have a narcissist really does.